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Memento is an expansion for AAS Ultra Analog VA-2 with a very clear orientation towards those rich 80s sounds. The presets contained in this bank are not recreations of classic patches but a new take on these warm sounds.
For this bank to work on as many genres as possible, it contains 11 types of sounds: arps, atmosphere, bass, pads, leads, plucks and many more (see below for details). I am sure they will put a smile on your face.

Designer’s note
Ultra Analog might look like a simple synth but I can assure you it can get very deep and warm. When V2 surprisingly came out, I was a little unsure about the GUI. But I started making patches and I very quickly realised that it’s fine (though a little small). Ultra Analog is a spot-on name for it as the oscillators and filters are excellent for these unstable and smooth analogue sounds. I am still surprised that so much quality and variety can come out of this little gem.

Number of sounds: 100
: AAS Ultra Analog VA-2 v2.0.1+
Patch format: 1 .VA-2 Bank file (Ultra Analog native format)
File size: 0.03 MB


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All the sounds come from the bank, except the drum parts which come from the KORG M1 for added nostalgia. Only light external EQing, compression and reverb have been used.

User’s opinions:
“Memento is a great soundset with rich and inspiring sounds that showcase Ultra Analog VA-2 at its best.”
Marc-Pierre Verge (AAS President and Chief Executive Officer)

Patch categories and count

Arps (12)
Atmopheres (12)
Basses (11)
Chiptune (6)
Keyboards (6)
Leads (13)
Pads (18)
Plucks (8)
Semi-real (3)
Sound Effects (2)
Synthesized (9)