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Cellspace vol.2 is an expansion for Sonic Charge Synplant containing 64 premium patches for ambient and electronica productions.
Following up on the first installement in the series, this bank further broadens the sonic palette available for this beautiful synth. As usual, great care has been taken to program great-sounding and usable presets, as showcased in the demo.

Designer’s note
Working on Synplant has once again been a great pleasure. I cannot get over the sheer number of interesting sounds this synth can produce.
This set has been longer in the making than the previous one, simply because I often found myself spending a long time playing with those patches instead of making new ones. I am very happy about how many of them (16) nicely came together in the audio demo and I am sure they will all be a great addition to your collection.

Number of sounds: 64
: Sonic Charge Synplant
Patch format: 64 .synp files (Synplant native format)
File size: 0.04 MB


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All the sounds come from the bank, except the drum parts.
Some light processing (EQing, compression, delay and external reverb) has been used.

Patch categories and count

Bass (1)
Keyboards (3)
Lead (1)
Mallets (4)
Miscellaneous (1)
Percussion (1)
Pads (28)
Plucks (8)
Sound Effects (1)
Synthesized (13)
Textures (3)

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