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MixRight is a Native Instruments Reaktor 5 ensemble designed as the easiest way to compare your current mix with the reference track of your choice. (.wav and .aiff formats only)
In only one click, you can alternate between the two to compare levels, phase correlation and frequency distribution and therefore find out the necessary adjustments for your current mix.
You can also set loop points and save settings for quick recall using snapshots.
Since the CPU-hit is very low, you can use it on the master buss as well as on individual tracks or busses.
MixRight is an essential tool if you are serious about making your tracks sound commencial-grade.

Designer’s note
Reaktor is an incredible modular environment. The learning curve is very steep but getting things done in Reaktor is very rewarding. MixRight originates from my need of a workflow enhancement when mixing. I love to compare my tracks to commercial productions but I felt it was too tedious. That’s why I had the idea of using Reaktor to help me. It worked and now, I use MixRight on every project.


Requirement: Native Instruments Reaktor (5.8+, not Reaktor Player)
Format: 1 .ens file (Reaktor native format)
File size: 2.05 MB (download compressed to 0.66 MB)
Current version: 1.4


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invaluable help to get great mixes
best tool to make your tracks the same volume
very flexible
PDF manual included
free lifetime updates

User’s opinions:
“MixRight is exactly what I’ve been missing at the mix down stage. I can finally, and very easily in a single click, A/B my mix to all the tracks that deliver that big sound.”
Mike Hosker – Director of Sound Design at Arturia

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