DUNE - Frozen Lifeforms

Frozen Lifeforms is a collection of premium patches for Synapse Audio DUNE.
This bank was designed for EDM/ambient/chill/electronica productions and is a great way to give them a soft vintage flavor. Evolving pads, uplifting leads, delicate plucks and mallets, all the ingredients for making outstanding music are gathered in this bank.
The patches extensively use the modwheel, velocity and aftertouch to make them even more expressive.

Designer’s note

Before working DUNE, I thought it was just another VA synth. Then I took some time to experiment with it, only to realise that I was plain wrong.
DUNE is very versatile and can be used in almost any genre. This bank took over 60 hours in the making but I wouldn’t have settled for anything less than what sounded perfect to me. I hope you get this feeling too.

Number of sounds: 64
Requirement: Synapse Audio DUNE / Compatible with Beat and CM versions
Patch format: 1 fxb bank file (DUNE native format)
File size: 0.02 MB


- instant download straight after purchase
- 100% royalty-free
- identical levels
- extensive modulation assignments
- all patches categorized inside DUNE
- installation instructions included
- free lifetime support
Patch categories:

- Arpeggiated (9)
- Bass (4)
- Keyboards (3)
- Lead (5)
- Mallets (7)
- Pads (17)
- Plucks (2)
- Special Effects (3)
- Synthesized (10)
- Textures (4)