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Time Capsule is a free bank for BlauKraut Engineering Charlatan (free synth!) which contains 90 quality patches.
Its concept is related to my love for cassette tapes: 60 presets for 60-minute cassettes (some of my Sony Metal XRs are shown in the artwork) in 2 banks of 30 patches corresponding to sides A & B and an extra 30-preset bank, The Lost Side.
This bank is very diverse and can be used for any kind of electronic productions.

Designer’s note
Working on Charlatan was refreshing and I’m still surprised at the sheer number of different sounds you can get out if it. Charlatan is a very simple synth, especially compared to other modern software synths but everything is laid out in a sensible way. And best of all, it’s free!

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Requirement: BlauKraut Engineering Charlatan v1.4.1+
Number of patches: 90
Patch format: 3 .fxb files (Charlatan native format)
File size: 0.02 MB

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free sounds!
100% royalty-free
 identical levels
all patches prefixed with category tags
installation instructions included

Patch categories and count

Arpeggiated (2)
Bass (11)
Brass (2)
Keyboards (6)
Leads (19)
Mallets (4)
Pads (21)
Plucks (11)
Synthesized (13)
Textures (1)