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Cellspace vol.2 is an expansion for Sonic Charge Synplant containing 64 premium patches for ambient and electronica productions. Following up on the first installement in the series, this bank further broadens the sonic palette available for this beautiful synth. As [...]

Memento is an expansion for AAS Ultra Analog VA-2 with a very clear orientation towards those rich 80s sounds. The presets contained in this bank are not recreations of classic patches but a new take on these warm sounds. For [...]

MixRight is a Native Instruments Reaktor 5 ensemble designed as the easiest way to compare your current mix with the reference track of your choice. (.wav and .aiff formats only) In only one click, you can alternate between the two [...]

Time Capsule is a free bankĀ for BlauKraut Engineering Charlatan (free synth!) which contains 90 quality patches. Its concept is related to my love for cassette tapes: 60 presets for 60-minute cassettes (some of my Sony Metal XRs are shown in [...]

Cellspace vol.1 is an expansion for Sonic Charge Synplant. This sound expansion is clearly meant for ambient, downtempo and electronica. Slow pads, gentle synths and plucks, you will find the best ingredients for your dreamy productions. Designer’s note While my [...]

Slow Life is a free sound expansion for LinPlug MorphoX. Though there might not be many patches at the moment, I plan to add many more on a regular basis. This bank is clearly best-used for Ambient and any kind [...]

Dreamware vol.1 is a premium sound expansion for LennarDigital Sylenth1. This bank is suitable for any genre and the diversity of this set is greater than any of my previous banks. I wanted to get the best out of Sylenth1 [...]

Welcome to the new Ghostwave Audio website! Over the past few weeks, I have been very busy designing the new version of the site and I hope that every aspect of it is an improvement. While I had enjoyed making [...]