Dear friends of Ghostwave Audio,

As some of you may know, a new digital sales regulation within the European Union, VAT MOSS, is being enforced starting Jan.1 2015.
I only leaned about this new law a few days ago and it really feels like a slap in the face. But still, I have to comply to it.
Since it forces me, among other things, to charge VAT according to the place of residence of the buyer, it is not possible with the current e-commerce system I am using.

As a consequence, Ghostwave Audio will be suspended until a viable solution has been found.

This temporary suspension will also give me time to implement changes regarding the future of my project:

While this situation lasts, I will continue to provide support for existing customers in a timely manner.

This suspension will last at least a few months and be assured that I am already working hard on the new Ghostwave Audio.

Thank you for your patience,